The Jewelry Library is a collaborative space curated for jewelry people by jewelry people.

Founded in 2018, TJL hosts a wide range of exhibitions, talks, and events all across the jewelry-spectrum, collaborating with both contemporary and vintage gallerists, artists, and collectors, as well as storytellers, historians, makers, and wearers. Along with a small archive, library, and gallery space–which houses the TJL collection of books and jewelry–there is a penthouse space, The Great Room @ The Jewelry Library, for larger community gatherings.

Like all libraries, we’re about many different things. We’re about jewelry literacy. The kind you find in our collection of books and catalogues. The kind that comes from hearing a jewelry artist talk about their craft. The kind that comes from handling “pieces.”

We’re about jewelry stories. The story of your grandmother’s brooch. The story that inspired a young jeweler’s collection. The Hope Diamond. The Crown Jewels. And movies like The Earrings of Madame de…

We’re about jewelry community. Open to all jewelry people.

About the Founder

Karen Davidov is an independent art and design producer with experience working in libraries as a researcher, on libraries as a designer, and with libraries as a public art consultant. Karen pursued her passion for jewelry and jewelry research as a dealer of 20th Century Decorative Arts for many years. The Jewelry Library is an extension of her work with librarians and curators creating spaces and programs that invite and engage community.