It’s almost summer, and we are delighted to welcome the season with guest curator Danielle deCongé’s cheeky take on the brooch @put.a.brooch.on.it

deCongé’s project, inspired by Portlandia’s ‘Put a Bird on It’ sketch (watch it here!) is part Instagram diary, part performance art, and part jewelry exhibition, inviting jewelry lovers everywhere to shift their perspective and give something familiar a new life.

“The brooch is the only adornment with a mind of its own,” says deCongé. “Unlike necklaces, earrings, and rings, it’s migratory and can travel to whatever needs doing up. Brooches push the limitations of jewelry where jewelry isn’t expected.”

Are your guest towels for decoration only? Put a brooch on it! 

Is that moth-bait sweater at the back of your closet your only option on laundry day? Put a brooch on it! 

Going diving and want your suit to sparkle just like the water? Safely put a brooch on it, if regulations allow!

We’re getting the party started on June 12th in The Great Room @ TJL. Join us at 5:00 PM for our new ‘Shop Talk’ series, moderated by deCongé with a panel of brooch experts: Patricia Madeja, Studio Jeweler, Goldsmith and Professor of Jewelry, Pratt Institute; Rosena Sammi of The Jewelry Edit; and Vanessa Samet of Vanessa’s Vintage. Shop a selection of contemporary and vintage brooches, followed by cocktails and conversation on our roof deck. Festive brooch-worthy attire, of course. RSVP here!