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Do you have a vintage necklace you’d like to learn more about? An upcoming fashion or jewelry project you’re researching? We have a comprehensive selection of jewelry books, from a 19th century publication on French jewelry to monographs of contemporary metalsmiths, with a wide range of exhibition catalogues and books on the history of jewelry, Art Nouveau and Art Deco, costume jewelry, art jewelry, the craft of making jewelry, and much more. We feature a book from our collection each week on Instagram. Scroll down to see past postings and visit us at TJL for some jewelry inspo! Tuesdays-Thursdays from 12:00-6:00 or by appointment.

“It is really Schlum who revived enamel, a 19th century art we hadn’t seen at all in the 20th Century. His enamel is perfection. Clear, transparent sun yellows. Wonderful lacquer reds. Acid spring greens. The clear blue of the Southern sky. He liked to stab enamel with nails of gold, as if to hold it from flying back to the world of nature from which he’s taken its color. Like direct eyes of a beast approaching you, the nails seem to say, ‘The world is tough and wonderful.’” - Diana Vreeland

“The artist making jewelry may pore over the small artwork in such a way that the centre of his or her world temporarily shrinks to a physical space measured in centimeters, but the metaphorical and imaginative space may be vast: a whole world of symbolism and emotion.” - Helen W. Drutt English and Peter Dormer

“The architects have designed their jewelry as a formal exercise, as an extension of their work with architecture. They have conceived them as purely decorative objects or as talismans charged with symbolic meaning.” - Barbara Radice